Reasons To Buy Packers Green Bay Ticket Service


Green Bay Ticket Service is a trusted local Green Bay broker. Our General Manager, Bill Wenzel is the founder of Packer Fan Tours and Titletown Tickets and Tours – selling Packers tickets and tour packages to Packers fans since 1986.

Listed below are some of the many reasons to buy Packers tickets from Green Bay Ticket Service:

  • We have NEVER defaulted on any order
  • Our prices are the lowest in the industry
  • We do not charge service fees
  • We sell all Packers tickets by EXACT seat location
  • You will receive all tickets within 3 business days of purchase
  • Our tailgate party is located CLOSEST to Lambeau Field
  • Our tailgate party features indoor access in inclement weather
  • Our tailgate party features a full view of Lambeau Field
  • Parking is available adjacent to the tailgate party – steps from Lambeau Field
  • We are located in Green Bay, Wisconsin
We GUARANTEE that you will receive your Packers tickets and hotel packages at a fair market price – with no additional service fees. The Packers tickets you receive will be the EXACT location you ordered online or by phone. The tickets will be delivered within 5 business days via Ticketmaster; all other documents will be sent via email. If you purchase a hotel package, you will be guaranteed Packers tickets in the first 49 rows of the 100 level. When you attend our home game tailgate party, you will enjoy unlimited food, beverages and entertainment just steps from and within full view of historic Lambeau Field. If it is cold or rainy, you will have indoor access at the tailgate party. Should you need to park a car or bus, we can accommodate you directly across the street from the tailgate party – just steps from Lambeau Field. Our office is located in Green Bay, just 1 mile south of Lambeau Field. We are in the office to assist you on Saturdays and Sundays of Packers home game weekends.

WHY would you purchase from anyone else?
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