Attending A Packers Game - A Help Guide

Listed below is expert advice on purchasing Green Bay Packers tickets, choosing the right hotel in Green Bay, selecting a Packers tailgate party and finding a place to park at Lambeau Field. For many, attending a Packers home game is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. We are here to help you make the right choices.

Packers Tickets

There isn’t a bad seat at Lambeau Field. However, you do have choices regarding seat location – including side of the field, low or high rows, aisle or middle seats, etc. All the information you need to make an educated decision is included in Lambeau Field seat types and locations. You can also call our office toll-free at 866-449-7225 if you would like the help of a seating specialist.

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The low rows offer a unique view of the players and feel for the violence of the game, especially when the action is right in front of you. The first 3 rows of the end zone are considered the “Lambeau Leap” area, where a Packers player may end up jumping into the stands after scoring a touchdown. The middle and upper rows provide more perspective on the entire game, including pass patterns. The Packers benches are located on the even-numbered sideline sections of the field. Tickets on the Packers sidelines in low to middle rows are the highest prices seats.

Handicapped seats are available on a season ticket basis from the Green Bay Packers (920-569-7501). If you have difficulty walking up and down stairs, purchase tickets near row 23, where you enter the stadium from the concourse area. Concessions are available in both the 100 and 300 levels of the “bowl” seating. There is free access between the 100 and 300 levels. Thus, if you are in row 55 of the 100 level, you can walk up 5 rows to the 300 level concessions.

Whenever possible, order Packers tickets by exact location – section, row and seat numbers. This will guarantee you the seat location and grouping you require. Some brokers sell seats by “general” location. Expect to receive tickets that meet the minimum requirements of the location and rows advertised. At the time of purchase, ALWAYS verify the location and total price of the tickets ordered.  Make sure the price quoted includes all service charges and delivery fees. Many brokers and online auctions add significant service fees to the ticket prices. Find a local Green Bay broker that does not add service fees. Unless you know the broker, ALWAYS pay by credit card. If you don’t receive the tickets you will receive a full refund from the credit card company. Order Green Bay Packers tickets for all 2023 home and road games NOW!

Tailgate Party

Green Bay is known for its tailgate parties. With the exception of the game, it is the single most important event of the weekend. There is nothing quite like arriving on game day to the smell of grilled brats and the sound of music in the stadium area. There are many "organized" tailgate parties in the stadium area. Most will provide grilled brats, burgers, salads, beer, soda and entertainment. Most of all you will enjoy the camaraderie of fellow Packers fans. Other parties will be all-inclusive, meaning you can eat and drink all you want for one price. Some parties will allow you to purchase items on an individual basis. To enhance your experience, make sure that the party is located in an area that has a full view of historic Lambeau Field. It doesn't make sense to be stuck behind some building or blocks away from the stadium. In Green Bay, there is always a chance of inclement or cold weather. Parties with indoor access will allow you to escape the weather and enjoy the tailgate experience. You can save the bravado for the game. Lastly, attend a party that is not too crowded and allows customers to enter before the start time. This will help avoid long lines to enter. Some parties are simply too crowded and nobody has a good time. Order tickets to the Best Tailgate Party in Titletown NOW!

Green Bay Hotel Rooms

Hotel rooms can be as hard to find as Packers tickets for some games. Many hotels are sold out to groups and regular guests immediately upon release of the NFL schedule in April. The majority of hotels, especially those in the stadium area, require a minimum 2-night stay for Packers weekends. On occasion, the policy is not enforced for exhibition and late season games. The hotels that do allow a one night stay are typically located outside the stadium area. Be sure to understand the services offered by the hotel. If you don't have a car, you may also want to stay at a hotel that is within walking distance of area shops, restaurants and bars. Some hotels also offer a complimentary breakfast each morning. Currently, all hotels in Green Bay provide free parking. If you can't find a hotel room in Green Bay, check in Appleton and Manitowoc for availability. Order Hotel Packages for ALL 2023 Packers Home Games NOW!

Packers Game Day Parking

The Lambeau Field parking lot is sold out to season ticket holders. Most brokers sell stadium parking passes at premium prices. The stadium parking lots open 4 hours prior to kickoff. Ample parking is available throughout the stadium area. Typically, parking on the east side is preferred – as most of the bars, restaurants and tailgate parties are located east of Lambeau Field. Many area businesses and residents sell parking in their lots and on lawns and driveways. Typically, you can expect to pay from $20 to $60 depending on the distance from Lambeau Field. Tailgating is allowed in the stadium parking lot. If you plan to tailgate in another lot, please check in advance to make sure it is allowed. Buy parking passes for 2023 Packers home games NOW!

Transportation to Green Bay Packers Games

By car, Green Bay is two hours north of Milwaukee and 4.5 hours west of Minneapolis. If you are flying, our full-service travel agency can assist you with reservations. Austin Straubel Airport (GRB) is located in Green Bay, just minutes from Lambeau Field and area hotels. Delta Airlines is the primary carrier. United, American, Continental and Frontier also offer service. Other airport options include Appleton (ATW) and Milwaukee (MKE), located 45 minutes and 2 hours from Green Bay respectively. Email us at more information.

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