2020 Packers Season and Covid-19 Pandemic

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Game tickets and Hotel Packages for the 2020 Packers season are available for purchase on our website now.  Game Day Parking & Tailgate Parties are also available. However, we are currently unable to offer Bus Trips for the 2020 Packers season.  We are hopeful that we will be able to offer our customers the same, great game day bus trips once Government regulations and social distancing requirements are lifted.

We are hopeful the Packers will play with fans in the stands, however there is still some uncertainty at this point. Games may be cancelled; others may be postponed and rescheduled as part of the NFL’s contingency plan. It is also possible that games may be played with partial attendance or without fans in the stands altogether. It is a fluid situation that the NFL and the Green Bay Packers are monitoring. As of now, the Packers seem to be planning for games with full attendance. 

Covid-19 Terms & Conditions:

  • IF a game is cancelled due to Covid-19, we will issue a full refund within 30 days.
  • IF a game is postponed/ rescheduled, you will be required to attend the game whenever it is played and cancellations will not be allowed.
  • IF the rescheduled game is cancelled, you will receive a full refund within 30 days.
  • IF the Green Bay Packers decide to only allow partial attendance, we will not be able to honor your order. Your order would then be treated as if the game was cancelled and you would receive a FULL REFUND within 30 days.

More information will be available in the coming months. As always, the health and safety of ALL fans is our primary concern.


*Note: All of our usual Terms and Conditions are still applicable to ALL orders in addition to these current Covid-19 Terms.

Please click here to view our full Terms and Conditions.


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